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Fuck Yes! ESPN Just Announced A Multi-Part 30 For 30 About The 1986 Mets Is In The Works

How about ESPN dropping this fucking atomic news bomb on Mets fans heads on the same day Uncle Stevie can drop his dick on every other bidder for the Mets? I am having sensory overload and baseball isn't scheduled to start for two more weeks.

My first instinct is that I just don't want ESPN to fuck this up like they did the Sosa/McGwire doc. A couple of weeks ago on We Gotta Believe, KFC and I were talking about the 1986 Mets being crowned the greatest team in baseball history according to some MLB vote they were running while scrambling for content like all of us are during this corona coma. I don't know if the 86 Mets are the greatest baseball team ever in terms of talent or whatever. But they are the best baseball team ever, and maybe the best sports team, ever in terms of talent, personalities, and just pure entertainment generated which is the reason sports exist.

I want this 30 For 30 to not only be entertaining but rawer than the shit these maniacs were blowing up their noses on their way to steamrolling the entire National League. If you thought the college kids in Miami during The U documentary lived a crazy life, just wait until you hear the stories about a group of infamously crazy athletes living in New York during the 80s while beating the bag off their competition. The starting point should honestly be everything in Jeff Pearlman's incredible book about the 86 Mets that is Must Read for not only Mets fans but baseball fans or partying fans.

Give me all the stories we've heard about The Scum Bunch, Kevin Mitchell allegedly chopping the head off his girlfriend's cat, Doc Gooden allegedly being holed up in a crackhouse during the World Series parade, a full blown food fight that trashed an entire plane after winning a craaaaazy NLCS, the typical Keith Hernandez stories, the typical Darryl Strawberry stories, and then everything else we haven't heard from a team that had larger than life characters like Wally Backman, Lenny Dykstra, Roger McDowell, and Mookie Wilson running around to go along with the most infamous play in World Series history. The 86 Mets embraced the LFGM life decades before Peter Morgan Alonso created the phrase.

I also want an uncensored version aired like in The Last Dance (This may require ESPN+ to act as HBO considering the lunatics in this series) and an entire episode devoted to just this picture:

I know some people don't like Jimmy Kimmel now that he's changed his public persona from Man Show host to ABC late night show host. But I honestly believe him and Cousin Sal are the perfect duo to handle the stories of the super talented and super degenerate legends known as the 86 Mets.