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Nick Wright Giving The Celtics A 0% Chance Of Winning The Title Is A Gift From God

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There it is baby. We all knew it was coming. I have to admit I was a little jealous when I read Jerry's blog about what Nick Wright had to say about Cam Newton

I wanted those same feelings of elation for my own favorite team. I needed it. Up until my eyes saw that clip, I don't think we had gotten Nick Wright's take on the Celts chances and I was getting a little worried. We were already dealing with Colin Cowherd's kiss of death and I was fearful that if Nick Wright was also going to like the Celts chances then we'd be truly fucked.

Silly me though. Of COURSE Nick Wright was going to throw shade on the Celtics. He can't help himself. It's how he lives. Remember, he called the signings of Kemba Walker and Enes Kanter "a disaster". That disaster turned out to be one of the best records in the league, and a top 5 offense, defense, and net rating. Everyone had breakout years. We knew then those comments were a blessing and I am happy to report the same is now true for the Celts title chances. Whatever you thought they might have been be going into the bubble, you have to bump it up a couple levels. To put them at 0% is so laughable but also very on brand for Nick Wright. How a team with the 4th best title odds in the eyes of Vegas can have a 0% chance to win the whole thing is certainly interesting, but it's the type of take I needed to hear as we prepare for this banner run. 

You have to understand, he's doing his best to try and troll. The only problem is this take doesn't upset me nor should it trigger any Celtics fan. It's cause for a celebration. If he really wanted to troll Celtics fans he would say he loved their chances. Somehow he hasn't figured that out yet and I'm thankful for it. It's equally ridiculous that he had the Rockets with a higher percentage than the Clippers while being so far behind the Lakers, but remember, consider the source. 

I'm just relieved that we finally have a take to combat Cowherd's faith in the Celts. That made me a little nervous but I knew I could rely on Nick Wright to do his thing. Also, if I were a Lakers/Bucks fan I would be sweating bullets right now. They may not want to admit it, but deep down they know the Celts just got a massive shot in the arm. The last thing you want is Nick Wright to be on your side. 

So thank you Nick Wright. Never change. Ever.