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Wake Up With The Best Hall Brawl's From The Challenge

And the most infamous one. CHOO CHOO

TJ's laugh and smile when Big E throw Wes through the bell will always be perfect. So last night we had a Hall Brawl on The Challenge, which is obviously the best elimination out there. After discussing with the alliance on No Quitters (rate, review, subscribe. Please. Pretty please.) it just reminded me about some of these older ones. We discussed our dream matchup on there. But, lining these guys and gals up with either what appears to be a bicycle helmet or just shoulder pads and having them demolish each other for our entertainment is why The Challenge is the best. 

I know everyone will say peak CT as an answer here and rightfully so, but give me Landon vs Abram. Abram is a complete lunatic and Landon is the best competitor in The Challenge history, even if Bananas has more titles (more seasons) and CT is a damn monster.