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Remember Aaron Craft? He's Still Annoying the Hell Out of People on the Basketball Court

Former Ohio State guard and "Man Who Was in College for at Least Seven years" Aaron Craft is at it again, folks. Well actually, for the last time, apparently.

Craft announced recently that his run in The Basketball Tournament with the Ohio State alumni team would be his last games as a professional basketball player, as he is set to start medical school next month. Craft has been playing in Europe since 2014.

Everybody always brings up Perry Mason when talking about guys who seemed to be in college forever, but I swear to God Craft was the Buckeyes' starting point guard from 2006-2014. Every time you saw an Ohio State game, he was there harassing the hell out of somebody 75 feet from the basket.

And he's still at it. Look at him sprinting down the floor to get that bucket and defending that guy like his life depends on it. You can't say he doesn't give it his all when he's on the court.

He's apparently pretty well-respected in the college basketball community, because Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo said when he needs surgery, he's going to Craft.

It could be the Mandela Effect, but I do think I remember commentators repeatedly saying how Craft was going to be a doctor while he was playing for Ohio State. It was the pre-cursor to, "Did you know Josh Dobbs has a 4.0 GPA in aerospace engineering?" during every Tennessee football game.

Well I wish him the best in his basketball retirement and hope he becomes a great doctor. Never forget that his last game in college was a first round NCAA Tournament loss to in-state mid-major Dayton.