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Robbie Fox Tours Dana White's Office - 1 Year Ago Today

If you're a frequent reader of my blogs, you probably know I'm a sucker for anniversaries - and today marks one year since I had the honor and the privilege of touring Dana White's office at the UFC Headquarters in Las Vegas! This is one of my most popular videos, and definitely one of the main things Stoolies and MMA fans bring up/ask me about to this day, and I'm pretty proud of it from start to finish. I think it's an enjoyable video whether you're a mixed martial arts fan or not, which is ultimately the end goal with all of this stuff.

As a little tease to leave ya with - I can tell you that I've already sorta got plans in place to (((possibly))) tour Dana's OTHER office at the UFC Apex next month, and during one of our last couple interviews, he even mentioned giving me a tour of his house, MTV Cribs style....so we've alllll got that to look forward to! Fingers crossed that everything aligns and we can make that happen!

Here are some of my videos with Dana that followed.....