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Novaxx Djokovic Claims He's Been The Victim of a Coronavirus 'Witch Hunt'

Novaxx Djokovic is still stepping in his own shit in regards to his coronavirus disaster tournament a few weeks ago. You would think by now he'd actually make a sincere apology and maybe acknowledge his mis-guided decisions. Nah that would be the smart move, fuck that. Djoker now claims he's been the victim of a coronavirus witch hunt. WHAT!?!

“I can only see criticism lately and much of it is malicious,” the world No 1 told the Serbian newspaper Sportski Zurnal. “It’s obviously more than just criticism, it’s like an agenda and a witch-hunt are on. Someone has to take the fall, a big name.

Well man, you were the one who organized the whole event. You came out as an anti-vaxxer and held this tournament in the midst of a pandemic with no social distancing and no masks as a middle finger to the rest of the world. You are actually the sole reason this event took place. It was literally your tournament! You invited everyone out to the club. You invited everyone to play basketball. You were the one who underestimated this virus completely and thought it was a non-factor in Serbia. This is literally all on you dude. You and your wife got coronavirus! There's no witch-hunt here. All the criticism pointed at you was warranted. Just fucking apologize and admit you fucked up. It's not that hard, just say you learned your lesson and stop saying you followed the rules. Nope, instead the Djokovic PR crash continues. There's no way he actually has a real PR team that he pays right? It has to be just his batshit crazy dad at this point. He just keeps digging himself a bigger and bigger hole. It's truly remarkable. 

Djokovic went on to talk about how he's leaning on not playing in the US Open because of rising Covid-19 cases…

“I still haven’t decided whether I will play in the US Open [which is scheduled from 31 August to 13 September], the upsurge in registered Covid-19 cases in the United States and New York in particular are not playing into the event’s hands,”  

Well which one is it man? Are you genuinely concerned about coronavirus or do you think people are coming at you because you're a powerful figure and the virus isn't that bad? This fucking guy man.