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Wake Up with the Trench Scene from Aquaman

Aquaman had some outrageously cheesy moments (see below) but this trench scene (see above, gets good at 2:20) definitely cracks top 5 most beautiful comic book movie shots (IMHO).

On a negative note, here are some horrendous music choices the director made.

Black Manta Builds His Suit: (Go to 1:25 of this clip)

One of the lamest song selections of all time (no offense to Depeche Mode). Needed something sinister and intense. Not some dude whining about being a chick. The only worse song in the movie was Pitbull's Toto remix.

Wait there's more. This song they played in the credits really killed the vibe as well. Just fire the guy in charge of music and give the cinematographer a raise.