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Cincinnati Is A Finalist City To Host The 2026 World Cup And I Can't Think Of A Better Place To Watch Team USA Win The Whole Damn Thing

I get 2026 is really fucking far away, but there's just one World Cup between us and then. So yeah, we can talk about it, why not? Cincinnati is a finalist city to host the World Cup and it's awesome. Sure, it might be that I live in Cincinnati and would love to just wander over and catch a World Cup game, but also because Team USA is going to win the whole damn thing. Look at this potential roster we have coming up: 

Not bad. That's not bad at all. That's a group you can build around. That's a young group with Christian Pulisic becoming one of the best players in the world - I said what I said. That's a young group with guys playing in the Premier League and Bundesliga and La Liga. There's not even a MLS player on there! That's how you know these young guys are really starting to figure shit out. Just have Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard move to the coach role. That can't fail. 

But back to Cincinnati - the place is awesome for soccer. Look at some of these images from FC Cincinnati's first home game in the MLS: 

Throw in that within a 4-5 hour radius you have Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Nashville and Chicago you'll have a million fans coming to the city. I'm now thinking we put the World Cup final in Cincinnati instead of New York or LA. Gonna need a real home field advantage when Team USA is playing there. Can't make it easy for fans of other countries to attend the game. 

Just please qualify for the 2022 World Cup first. I can't handle another loss to Trinidad and Tobago fucking us over. And then win the 2026 World Cup.