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Vince Carter Talking About Scrapping His Entire Plan And Coming Up With A New Dunk Contest Strategy On The Fly Makes His 2000 Show Even More Legendary

Listen if you're going to let me listen to Vince Carter talk about his legendary 2000 Dunk Contest, I'm going to listen every damn time. It's the greatest individual dunk contest ever. I stand by it, not even a hot take to say it. Anyone around the same age as me remembers watching this live. We saw shit we never saw before and Vince made it look so damn easy. 

Oh and finding out he did this all on the fly and scrapped his original plan? Makes it that much cooler. No one and I mean no one can really touch that 2000 dunk contest. I know we saw Aaron Gordon, LaVine, Jones, etc all have some ridiculous shit. But Vince brought it to that level. He was the one that was hanging by his damn elbow and we all did that on a lowered rim. 

Either way, the fact he decided to scrap whatever he originally wanted to do makes me thrilled. The fact he wanted to put on a show and delivered is unreal. The dunk contest always catches heat for various reasons - mostly there's just so much new shit we can actually see. Either way, this is just a long way to post the dunk contest.