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Update: Patrick Mahomes Has The First Official Half A Billion Dollar Contract, Clocking In At 10 Years, $503 Million



What an update! And here we were for the last two hours, thinking Patrick Mahomes was only going to make around $427.7 million. Hah! In your bra! And with this contract, he is setting all sorts of records:



Yes, it's a football contract and blah blah blah, but it is in fact the first half billion dollar contract in sports history. Remember back in the day when someone would sign a $100 million deal and it was the biggest thing to ever happen??? We're now at $500 million!!!! It begs the question, will we be alive for the first 1 billion dollar deal? I'm 31 right now, so let's say I live to be 75, I'm going to say yes, yes we will. 

I knew I shoulda been an NFL quarterback instead of a blogger. Sure $500,000 is nice, but it's no $500 million.