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Patrick Mahomes' New Deal Is Worth A Minimum Of $427.6 Million


First things first, congrats to one Patrick Mahomes for this ginormous new contract, and a special shout out to Mitch Trubisky who unfortunately trends on Twitter every time Mahomes does anything. Better to be known for something though, I guess?

But the cool part of the new 10 year deal is the money fluctuates based on the cap, which I love. I feel like I've never seen it written out that way before, but it makes a ton of sense. Is this unique, or do we just not hear about contracts being structured like that? Either way, Mahomes is about to be rich. Like RICH RICH. How rich?



Well god damn. You win one little Super Bowl and no, he's worth it. Mahomes is special. Sometimes there's an elite talent but they are still disliked or rub people the wrong way, you don't hear anything bad about Mahomes, kind of ever? I mean he has that Tik Tok brother, but that's not on Mahomes. It's always nice when the good guy wins. Mahomes seems like that guy, and Kansas City seems like a blue collar town that deserves something good like this to happen to them.