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Watching Peter King And Frank The Tank #EmbraceDebate About If The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Is A Sin Was The Highlight Of My 4th Of July Weekend

So Peter King tweeted this last year, I blogged about it, and I laughed to myself when it was retweeted on my timeline this weekend on its one year anniversary because it's crazy to think about the stupid shit everybody complained about before the entire world went to shit.

Then I saw Pete double down on his take yesterday in between updates of the multiple trains 2020 is running on our daily lives.

I'll admit that I don't have much going on as a father of two young kids during the 4th. Trying to sneak in a bite of barbecue or jump into the pool while running after kids isn't all that fun and by the time they go to bed at night, I am ready to pass out.

Which is why I got excited we could potentially have a battle of hot takes fired off on Twitter like illegal fireworks over Los Angeles.

I wondered who would jump into action to defend hot dogs to such an esteemed writer. Getting into a war of words with a man that can write unlimited paragraphs waxing poetic about a bunch of grown men playing a sport is no small task.

One man did step up that can not only match Peter King's word count as a writer this century but a man that loves hot dogs so much, he dives into them raw with no condiment. That's right, I'm talking about Frank Fleming AKA Franklin T. Tank

Clean shot by the Tank here. If you don't wanna watch the hot dog eating contest, just change the channel. That simple.

Mr. King answered back after taking a few sips of his orange mocha frappuccino (extra frothy) atop his ivory tower

I wondered where Frank would go next. Maybe he could point out the hypocrisy of Peter calling out a sport that embraces gluttony despite after making his bones covering a sport built on violence. Or perhaps Peter's lack of consideration for sin when it comes to Hall of Fame voting considering rape was likely on Moses' list of 10 Things God Thinks Are A Sin.

However, Frankie Raw Dog kindly responded with a logical answer during this illogical time from his basement-level apartment that screams common man*

*while also serving as the perfect way to get a pizza delivered

Say what you want about the toxic culture of social media, and make no mistake it is more toxic than anything to ever have a Mr. Yuck sticker. But it occasionally does give some of the most wonderfully random interactions straight out of Mad Libs, such as Peter King and Frank The Tank arguing about if competitive eating is a sin.


Come at the Raw Doggin' King, you best not miss.