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Peter King Is NOT Happy That ESPN Made A 30 For 30 About The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

MILWAUKEE-Asked Peter King: “God, did you hear about what the new 30 For 30 is about?”
Peter: “No.”
Me: “Hot dogs. Eating them competitively.”
Thought he would cry.

As the number 1 sports podcast on the planet would say, it looks like old Peter King has gotten into the trash again. This time Pete nosed around in the sports media garbage and got very upset about 30 For 30 lowering themselves to one of the most harmless events that people have happily enjoyed for years. And not only that, but PO’d Peter also started dropping the old stat on our heads about kids going hungry that our mom used to recite when we didn’t finish our dinner. The country changed but the fact remained the same: Those poor fucking kids always went to bed with a rumbly tumbly.

I don’t know what set Pete off about this specific 30 For 30. I guess he doesn’t love ESPN covering an event where people waste about as much food as a press box during the Super Bowl (This is my Mr. Starwood Preferred Member Travel Note of the Week)? 30 For 30 can cover deaths, murders, shady shit of all sorts in the sports universe, and devote an entire series to OJ. But a bunch of hot dogs and buns being recklessly eaten in an event everyone quietly enjoys during America’s birthday was a bridge too far.


You know a take is bad when Darren Rovell Well Actually’s you and the entire internet doesn’t tell him to shut the fuck up.



I’m trying to think of the last time I heard something as ridiculous as Peter King going at a hot dog eating contest. Oh I know!

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