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Good For The Brand: Bryson DeChambeau Wins The 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic For His 6th PGA Tour Victory

You wanna know what's great for your #brand? Winning golf tournaments. There's truly nothing that can help your personal #brand more than lifting trophies. Say what you want (and people have, and will continue to) about Bryson DeChambeau but, if he keeps winning like he did today in Detroit, the noise doesn't matter all that much. There's no denying that Bryson is a polarizing guy. He's been a polarizing guy for the last few years now. Not to mention he's been the talk of the PGA Tour ever since the restart a month ago. Every move he makes seems to generate headlines. He's bulked up 40 pounds by drinking 20 protein shakes a day, he's hitting 350-yard BOMB drives on a regular basis, he's confronting cameramen who are trying to soil his #brand and let's not forget the super duper weird 15-minute B-roll video he made coming out of quarantine. But all of the criticism that comes along with being polarizing stings a whole lot less when you're winning. 

Bryson put his mind to being able to sneeze on a golf ball and making it go 350 yards and he's done just that. His finishes in his last 7 starts go as follows: T5, 2, 4, T3, T8, T6, 1. That's prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fucking good man. Given those types of finishes, this victory isn't exactly a surprise. Bryson has been playing insanely good as of late and him getting a win really felt like more of a when than an if. 

I mean look at this shit 


I don't wanna pat myself on the back too much but I picked him to win this week (so did Lurch but I picked him first and have the texts to prove it)

+600 tells you just how well he's been playing recently and how much people thought he was gonna get a win sooner than later. People have been saying, "Yeah he put on all this weight and has been playing well but is he ever gonna breakthrough and win with that body?" and he did just that. He put his mind to it during quarantine then he put it into practice and it worked. We can talk all the shit we want, and I'm sure a few of us will on the next episode of Fore Play, but it's hard to deny the results. He's completely changed the way golf is played. Bryson now has 6 wins on the PGA Tour and looks like he's gonna be able to put himself in contention every single week. The guy (for better or worse) makes a TON of headlines every week and he performs every weed. Love him or hate him, it's hard to deny him right now.


Shout out to our guy Kevin Kisner 

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 5.54.44 PM.png

You gotta think all that chatter on Golf Channel about how the Fore Play boys beat him at Pinehurst No. 2 motivated him.