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Wake Up With Jason Giambi Walking Off The White Sox With A Towering Bomb

Remember when Jason Giambi was on the Indians?!?!?! Ewwwwwww. He ended his fantastic career there in 2014 and played parts of 2 seasons in the lovely, depressing city of Cleveland. Only hit 11 homers, but that included this mammoth walk off vs the White Sox. His swing doesn't look violent because it's not herky jerky like Sheffield, but man was there some damn power in his swing. When Giambi connected, the ball fucking flew, like it did here. He never hit cheap ones, the second he connected you knew it was ball game. Lets talk about the bat toss too. I respect the hell out of that bat toss. It let you know he meant business. Not showing up Reed or the Sox, just a nice toss to the side and have a safe drive home. Look how the Indians flocked to Giambi too, can't say that guys didn't love him in the clubhouse.