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I Am Outraged That Neither Grinnelli Nor Chief Included Phil Kessel On Their Team USA Olympic Hockey Roster

In case you missed it, the newest proposed CBA has the NHL participating in at least the next two Olympics. That, in itself, is some arousing news. You're lying to yourself right now if you say you remember a single moment from the 2018 Olympic hockey tournament other than the women's gold medal game. The Olympics come around once every 4 years and that tournament was a complete waste. No offense to the guys who played or anything, and I'm sure that was an incredible moment in their careers. But as far as entertainment goes, I couldn't have possibly cared less. So getting NHL players back in the Olympics is massive, especially given the amount of talent that USA Hockey has been pumping out there. 

But here's to hoping that Grinnelli and Chief aren't charge of putting together Team USA. Because if this guy gets left off of another USA roster, I am going to throw an absolute fit. 

I love Grinnelli but I have to wonder if maybe he's a double agent for the Russians if he thinks Jake Guentzel goes on the roster before Phil Kessel. Maybe Nazarov finally got to him if he's trying to put Kyle Connor on the roster before Trilly KessBomb. And Jack Hughes? Are you kidding me? I know the Olympics aren't for another 2 years which will give him more time to develop. But Jack Hughes can maybe carry KessDawg's bags if he's lucky. 

The last major tournament that USA left Phil Kessel off the roster for was the World Cup in 2016. Anybody remember what a fucking disaster that team was? 0 wins, 0 ties, 3 losses. That team sucked. They had the audacity to bring a guy like Justin Abdelkader over Phil the Thrill. Disgusting. I won't let it happen again. 

By the way--Yotes are gonna be buzzing once the season resumes. 

Nice guy. Tries hard. Loves the game. American hero.