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Man Steals And TAKES Drug Meant For Horses, Quickly Finds Out Why The Drug Is Meant For Horses.

"Everybody's got a vice."

Not exactly sure who I should quote on that one but that's beside the point. Is that something people actually say? Am I just mixing up the million-dollar man's theme song with my own perception that everyone has some sort of vice? I'm not exactly sure, all I know is that everyone has something they do that isn't necessarily great for them. A normal human may find themselves partaking in some drinking, a few puffs on the ole weed, perhaps even the feeling of some nice cards in your hands. Does that make you a bad guy? Not at all. 


A man in his 40s is in seriously ill after it is believed he took powerful drugs intended for animals. 

The unnamed man was taken to hospital last night following a suspected overdose of a medicine that is used to knock out dogs and horses. 

Police said the drug Isolurane was stolen from GP vets in Worting Road, Basingstoke, overnight on Monday. They have warned that the drug is so powerful it can cause a fatal reaction if inhaled, swallowed or injected by humans.

This, however... this is a bit much. It's one thing if your vice is sitting at home getting baked on a Saturday, watching some cartoons. It's a completely different beast when you're on the prowl looking for some good ole fashioned horse anesthetics. It doesn't really make sense. Do you know how many drugs have been created for human use specifically? Almost all of them. This guy is too good for those, i guess. He wanted something more. Well, he certainly fucking got it.


If it's to the point where you're searching out drugs for horses - a much larger animal than humans - I'd argue that your vice has turned into an addiction, possibly an obsession. I hate to be the one to break the bad news.

Giphy Images.

But it needs to be said. By the time you've gone from human drugs to other drugs, you're probably hardly a human anymore anyways. 

How does one even make that step? When exactly do you have that mental sit down and decide "I'm gonna take drugs designed to knock out an animal that is significantly larger than me"? Personally, I don't see much sense in it but I'm not one to judge. The move is an all-time headscratcher. Can't say that I've ever dabbled in the harder drugs but I doubt it gives you a desire to take drugs designed to knock out goddamn Secretariat. Not that I'm promoting the use of "hard" drugs but I feel like there's definitely a better, - and as odd as it may sound - a healthier alternative to taking super anesthetic designed to knock out a horse. Just a thought.

Maybe he didn't know what was in the container, maybe he thought it was horse tranquilizer. Very a la Will Ferrell getting shot in the neck in Old School.

Even then, it's probably not the best idea to be sticking yourself with needles filled with horse drugs. Like did this guy just walk into a vet of sorts, pick up a random vile and say "this will do!" or was it totally random? Either way, it all just seems very counterproductive. Pumping yourself full of horse drugs? Couldn't be me.The point of having a vice in the first place is to feel alive, no? When you counteract that with passing out because you took goddamn horse anesthetics, it feels pointless.


you never know you're gonna be a horse anesthesia guy until, of course, you are the horse anesthesia guy

This whole story is just a good learning lesson. It taught me that:

A) Don't with drugs meant for other animals

B) People actually do drugs meant for other animals

Not that those things are revelations as much as common sense but hey, gotta take em where you can get em'. This guy is just lucky that he managed to survive the whole ordeal. Maybe he won't go around trying to pump his blood full of horse drugs now. Who knows, maybe this is the moment he needed to turn his life around. All I know is that I'm rooting for this guy's comeback.