Inside Source: OBJ Is NOT Going To The Patriots

Yeah, okay Alex Wood. When you say "BANK IT", does that mean you'd like to wager? about we put our contracts on it? You signed a 1-year $4 million deal with the Dodgers this year, which I'll be honest I do not have. But since the MLB players and owners couldn't find a way to split their billion dollar pie fairly, I think you're making more like $1.5 million this year instead, which just so happens to be the exact same amount that I make per year here at Barstool. So whatta ya say, Alex? OBJ to the Pats? You say bank it, I say Not. A. Chance.


You can find me in THE LAND homie!! Add it to my Twitter bio.

Look, the problem here is that Wood drastically underestimates the impact of social distinctions predicated upon wealth, especially inherited wealth. So you guys can all regurgitate your Alex Wood and your Pete Garrison and your James Lemon, but I'm going to quote Odell Beckham Jr. 

"We got unfinished business"

Odell Beckham Jr Football GIF by Cleveland Browns Giphy Images.

I will admit: the signing of Cam Newton did not go unnoticed here in Cleveland. The Patriots went from a tanking team to a contender in a matter of 15 minutes. And in that same 15 minutes, we were reminded that the Patriots have illegal sideline film of the Browns / Bengals game from last year too. Huge deal. So yeah, it was a pretty big hit. Instead of the Texans or Colts coming into Cleveland in mid-January now, it very well could be a reunion day for former Browns head coach Bill Belichick trying to knock off his old team. I don't like the idea of playing against an angry Bill Belichick, regardless of talent levels on the teams. But does that change my prediction of 12-4 for the Browns this year? It does not. But it just made that road to the Super Bowl a little bit more difficult. Thankfully, OBJ will on OUR sideline for that game. Source: OBJ.