'Mamba Out', An 8-Part Documentary All About Kobe And The 2010 Lakers Title Is Dropping July 5

[Source] - 'ClutchPoints' is commemorating Bryant’s final title with an eight-part documentary on the 2010 Champions.This documentary will feature interviews from Kobe’s teammates like Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, Derek Fisher, and others from the championship winning teams. It’ll be available for viewing on Instagram and YouTube.

Well it was only a matter of time before something like this dropped. However, this doesn't feel like the 'real' Kobe documentary in a way. Remember, this sort of doc has been teased for quite some time. 

This 8-part doc just doesn't feel like it would be the big Kobe doc. Why would they only put it on YouTube and Instagram? We need to have that on TV, mostly because I'm an old and it's just easier for me to turn on a certain channel and watch it. Now am I going to watch it? Of course. 

That said, part of me wishes they waited to drop this. Yes, I know we're desperate for sports and for sports content right now. But we just got The Last Dance, let it wait a little before we watch Mamba Out. I don't want to do the comparisons of the two docs, which is going to happen regardless. 

It's good they are getting interviews from some of the other real important members of that last title team, but I want to know what is this really going to entail. For an 8-part doc (nice touch for Kobe), you have to focus on more than just that title right? Are they going to go The Last Dance style and jump back and forth a bit? I'd assume they spend at least an episode on Kobe/Shaq, the breakup and trying to get back to dominating after that. 

Either way, if you want to watch a doc we have 8 episodes to get us to the NBA restart. I'll post the trailer whenever it drops, but it's not out as of yet.