Which Steven Spielberg Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

This is one of the hardest to choose from because Spielberg is the king of good blockbusters. 

Column A: This is by far the hardest choice, but I have to go with Jurassic Park. It's a staple of my childhood, but Saving Private Ryan is arguably the best war movie ever and it makes me cry every time I watch it. EARN THIS. Also, I just can't get rid of Indy, man. Watching that with my dad and brothers is just too treasured of a memory. 

Column B: I'll go with E.T. because that movie never really connected with me in the same way the other two did. Schindler's List is depressing but an objectively great movie, and Jaws is a national treasure. 

Column C: Close Encounters is probably the best movie of this trio, but it's gone for me. Catch Me if you Can is just so....I don't know the right word. Lovely? Comforting? War of the Worlds has a ton of problems, but I love a lot about it. The fight in the basement, the field of guts, the ferry sequence, the sound the machines make!? All great. Remove Dakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin from that movie and it would have been much better received in my opinion. 

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