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An Oklahoma School Board Member Apologized For Drinking A Beer During A Zoom Meeting, Says She Was Just 'Flushing Her Kidneys Out'

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's calm down here for a quick second. We're making Linda Farley apologize for sipping on a beer? She's sitting at home during a meeting! She's not drunk - or at least appears to be drunk. Who hasn't sipped on a little alcohol during quarantine and working from home when they are in a meeting they have zero desire to be in? I'm going to guess the majority of people. 

Plus, Linda here had a reason! A damn good reason too. She's just trying to flush her kidneys out, which is my new favorite way of saying I want to go drink. I have no idea if it works. I'm pretty sure you just take an antibiotic or some sort of medicine. For Linda though, that medicine is a Corona. She was extremely sick and the only cure is an ice cold beer. I firmly believe in that. A little hair of the dog, a little something to ease the pain. 

Really we just need to stop shaming an afternoon drink. Sometimes you just need one for a various reason. Sometimes you just need to flush your kidneys out. I stand behind Linda's theory here.