The State Of Florida Has Suspended Drinking At Bars, But Bars Can Remain Open

Florida is suspending the drinking of alcohol at bars in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, officials announced Friday after the state saw another record-breaking number of new cases.

So bars can remain open, but NO DRINKING ALLOWED.


So what can you do there, chill? Stop in to use the bathroom? Play the Pop-A-Shot game? Soberly try to talk to girls? I don't know, folks. This seems like the 1920s to 1933 all over again. Prohibition 2.0. And I'm not going to be the guy to sit here and argue with a state's decision to try and keep it's people safe, but something about this doesn't sit right with me. Especially when they're still allowing alcohol consumption at places that have 49% or less revenue generated from alcohol.

Restaurants that do not rely on alcohol sales for a majority of their revenue can continue to serve seated customers on site, the order states.

Looks like we're all getting drunk at Applebees!! Those $1 Long Islands are fire.

But seriously, if I'm a bar owner, I'm throwing a hissy fit with this decision. Is this a war on coronavirus or a war on alcohol? Specifically, only alcohol served in a place that makes their money from it. Drink anywhere else you want though! 

I mean, if you want to play it safer because the numbers are spiking, make bars reduce the max capacity of people or implement strict social distancing rules, and then let the bar decide if they want to stay open. Or just shut down everything in the state like you should've on day 1! But how can your decision be no alcohol here, but you can have alcohol there? How does alcohol have anything to do with this anyways? Coronavirus only affects people who consume alcohol. Who knew? Because from what I see, the NBA is still coming to Florida. Disney is still opening up in early July. And South Florida beaches are back open. People will be bumping and grinding all over the place....but don't you dare drink a delicious High Noon in a socially distanced bar down there. No alcohol in bars! Too dangerous!

Thankfully I'm up here in the great state of Ohio where we played it safe in the beginning and that's why we're back to a semi-normal life now. I'll pour one out for you guys tonight at the bar, Floridians....