The Trailer For "Jeselnik: The Movie" Looks Incredible



Laugh out loud funny. Some guy is trying to cancel Jeselnik and he just...tweeted it out. Hilarious. 

Anthony Jeselnik is a comedian who cannot be canceled (for his comedy). He has stayed the course from day 1 and refused to ever back down to pressure except for the 1 time he decided to keep his TV show because he didn't want his entire staff to get fired. And he says even that he regrets. But as far as his jokes go, he refuses to apologize. He won't allow the outrage mob to get to him. He will make the "too soon" joke 3 seconds after someone dies and not give a fuckkkkk. I actually dig his reasoning for that- in a box, a joke is funny regardless of timing. So "too soon" doesn't apply to jokes because it's either funny or it's not funny and it doesn't care about your precious feelings. I wish we could still operate that way at Barstool but alas, we cannot. And to be fair, when we do push the envelope, even a lot of our own fans go "too far bro", so there's no winning. But I'm glad Jeselnik is still holding strong. 

Not many comedians will do what he does because there is SO MUCH MONEY in cleaning up your act and going Hollywood. Play nice for the suits and executives, get in movies, and make a shit ton of cash. In a world where comedians telling jokes gets scrutinized more and more every day, he's one of the last of the Mohicans fighting the good fight. 

Now if it turns out he's a Chris D'elia and actually has fucked babies, I take back everything and disavow. Unless the baby was asking for it.