Why Does Marty Mush Care So Much About The Lowly White Sox?

Really quick here, because the Yankees are so far removed from my brain that I don't really have much of a thought on Marty Mush's tirade here. People might get pissed that that's how I am approaching this and will demand the junk yard dog in me to go ape shit on Mush, but that would be a disingenuous response. I just don't give a fuck about the Yankees or their fans thoughts on the team I root for. I got droves of people asking me to publicly eviscerate Mush for his transgressions recently, but I'm not going to do that.

That said, I just cannot fathom a Yankees fan giving ONE SINGLE FUCK about the White Sox. I mean this is the 2nd time in the last week or so that Marty Mush, a fan of the big bad YANKEES, has gone on some rant (?) about the lowly White Sox, but low and behold, here we are. What a world we live in. The Sigmund Freud in my tells me that Mush is just sneaky nervous about another AL team getting in the way of the Yankees first World Series appearance in almost a dozen years and this is his way of projecting his insecurities. Not totally sure though, but it's very peculiar to me. I do welcome the hate with open arms though. I will BATHE in his tears over the next few years. 

This is the quote I've said repeatedly over the course of the offseason: "you might not give a shit about the White Sox, but you better respect their roster" and I'll just reiterate that right here, right now while also letting the White Sox roster do the rest of the talking for me. 

I'm not saying the white sox are going to be some juggernaut this year, but they're going to be a pain in the DICK to play against. Anyone who follows baseball just moderately closely knows that, Mush included. But I'm a gambling man. Mush is a gambling man. If he would like to figure out a wager to make on the two squads' 2020 records or otherwise, I'd be willing to hear him out on it. If not? I'll go back to not giving a flying fuck about the Yankees and will just laugh in his face when Eloy does more of this to them this year, assuming they are even on each other's schedules: