Nothing But Respect For This NBA2K League Player Who Got Suspended For Rage Quitting

I absolutely can't stop laughing at 'unsportsmanlike conduct' in regards to rage quitting. We've all been there. You're getting your ass kicked playing a buddy or playing online. You just hit that restart button and pretend it didn't happen. But not in the 2K League, which is obviously a professional gaming league. But this has to be the most absurd press release in quite some time, right? It reads like a parody of an actual one, I'm pretty sure Tommy Smokes wrote this. 

I wish there was video of this. I searched all over to find something. I need to see his reaction when he's just had enough. What was the breaking point when you're down 71-39? Was it a teammate turning the ball over? Another missed shot? I need to see how this played out. More importantly, I need to see the reactions from everyone. It's kind of bullshit this isn't on video. I need to hear the actual rage quit. 

If anything this is a call to Glenny Balls on HooliganZ to rage quit. That's what I need to see more than anything until sports fully come back. Give me a good Glenny Balls rage quit. Shout out HooliganZ by the way - make sure you follow them on Twitter and everywhere else. 

Was there anything worse though than the playing with the guy who always 'accidentally' quit? Like dude just say you're getting mercy ruled and someone else is getting the sticks.