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David Hasselhoff Went To Floyd Mayweather's Media Day Yesterday And Performed A Very Strange Interview



Well that was strange. 2 things I learned from that 1 question interview. 1) Floyd Mayweather has no idea who Hasselhoff is. He knows he’s someone but he definitely doesn’t know who he is, and that’s a fucking shame, because Floyd Mayweather could win a trillion fights and still not be as cool as this guy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.18.17 AM



And 2) How fucking high is Hasselhoff? I don’t know if it’s pills, alcohol or molly but he is absolutely LIT. Coming from Coachella, going to see Boyz II Men and clubbing with J Sean? Careful Hoff, we’re about 5 hours away from a topless cheeseburger and a nice piece of carpet.