I Am Not Going In The Ocean (Or Maybe Outside) Again After Seeing This Giant Fish

I know KFC has his entire Barstool Indoors thing, so this is not infringing on that. I am not necessarily even suggesting I enjoy the indoor life too much. Too much time with my own thoughts (yikes). What I do know, is that I never, ever want to be in the water ever again for the rest of my life. Why?

What, and I cannot emphasis this enough, the HELL is that? I simply did not know fish this big existed. Does that make me stupid? Maybe, but I'd be shocked if I was the only one. I am heading to the beach for a few weeks Saturday, and I am honestly not sure I can bring myself to go out in the ocean. Call me a pussy, call me a coward, call me a loser (didn't need to ask you to do so for these to happen), I don't care.

The only way I can ever convince myself to do anything is to just pretend shit like this doesn't exist. I don't want to see them. I want to pretend they do not exist. I am no longer able to do that. 

I've seen YP with snakes, I've seen him with other creepy-crawly type animals, but there is just something about this fish that has struck absolute fear in my eyes. Why? Because it is a giant goddamn fish eating another giant goddamn fish. Keep this pesca-pescatarian looking thing FAR away from me.

I love what YP does, I think he is a goddamn lunatic but I respect that he has twice the balls I do. I'm not very much not looking forward to a couple weeks strictly on the beach because of it.

To hear YP and Erika talk about his path to Barstool and what he's done since, listen to today's Token CEO here: