The Line Rory Just Took Off The Ninth Tee At The Travelers Is Laugh Out Loud Funny


What in the fuuuuuuuuck man? Jesus christ. Laugh out loud funny stuff right there from Rory McIlroy. All the announcers could do is laugh. All any of us can do is laugh at that line Rory just took off the ninth tee at the Travelers Championship. It's just not fair. IMAGINE being able to do that on a golf course. Just imagine. When the tracker appeared on my TV I had no idea where that ball was going and then it landed softly and perfectly in the fairway. Ridiculous. And listen I get that some people will say, "That is precisely what's wrong with today's game" and they might be partially right. It's hard to design a course that can beat a shot like that but, on the flip side, holy fuck was that awesome to watch. A shot like that puts asses in the seats (at home, socially distanced) and to most that's more important than any argument that can be made about players hitting the golf ball too far. Rory made a birdie on that hole to shoot 63 and put himself atop the leaderboard at -7. Man I love that guy.