Chad Ochocinco Says He's Giving Out $245,000 Of His Own Stimulus Checks On July 1st

Alright well I struggle a little bit with math, so hold on. Lemme get out the calculator real quick.....

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Ok. It's not as big of a number as I initially thought. Numbers are hard, man. But it looks like he can give out $1000 to 245 people (or $500 to 490 people for those of you counting at home). And obviously that's not a huge prize pool seeing as he has 110,000 replies to his tweet already, with another week to go. But I'm not here to donation shame. Let me be clear: any donation of this high of a dollar figure is generous, regardless of net worth. I don't want my name showing up in a Barstool Nate blog. The only thing I want my name showing up in is Chad Ochocinco's cash app history. But it looks like I better get a whole lot more creative and needy if that's going to happen. These replies had me dying.

***It truly was a "who has the biggest sob story" competition, but I'm not going to publish those to avoid coming off as insensitive. Here's the funny ones. The whole thread is worth a read though

Obviously fake, but potentially the grossest meal I've ever seen. And the next guy says, at least you have actual hot dogs!!

Is that syrup…..? I mean, syrup on bread? This dude is basically having a nice pancake meal and is asking for free money? That's not going to cut it, Sean. **Bonus points though for making his Twitter name "PoorSean"


Good use of meme.

Cori, did you make that or are you just taking a picture of the food you're eating? Also, not sure how much $500 is going to help you to open a food truck, but good luck.

Hmmmm….will Chad appreciate the Bengals joke? Or will he take offense to the paper bag on the head with the 85 jersey. This dude should be disqualified though because he has a Red Sox shirt underneath. Fake fan?

I love this. Father of 3 says, "Everybody make a twitter! Ocho is giving out stimulus checks!"


Why send that to Chad asking for $1000 tops? Sell those feet pics, girl! If you're good at something, don't do it for free.

I could go on and on and on with the responses. But honestly, all I'm learning from this is how desperate people are for not that life changing amounts of money. The election could 100% be won this way. Bloomberg should've done this. Have everyone prove they voted for him, and then give out like $1000 to 10 million people. He's worth $60 billion……he'd be alright. And he'd 100% be the President of the United States.