Sarah Michelle Geller And Selma Blair Recreated Their Kiss From 'Cruel Intentions' And It's The Best Thing On Social Media In Months

Now the post itself isn't why this is the best thing I've seen on social media. Oh no, not at all. It's the reminder of how important Cruel Intentions was to us in our mid-30s. If you didn't spend days thinking of this, I have no idea if you even saw the movie. The kiss that had everyone - guys and gals alike - talking at the lunch table. 

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How about Sarah Michelle Gellar out here being social media savvy? Oh it's Selma Blair's birthday? Let's remind everyone of that movie from 20 years ago where we kissed, won an MTV Movie Award and have everyone talk about it again? You can't teach that. You're born with that social media smartness. 

Man, Sarah Michelle Gellar was the original bad bitch too. I'm pretty sure every guy saw Cruel Intentions and just immediately spent hours thinking of her. Some of these images are just burnt into our memories.

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So happy birthday Selma! Glad to see she's still kicking MS's ass.