'Cocktail Time Gets Earlier Every Day' -Bill Raftery's (The GOAT) Answer On How He's Coped With Quarantine

And this is exactly why Bill Raftery will always be my favorite person in the world. That combined with the fact he LOVES and I mean he fucking loves college basketball. He's my answer right away for 'guy you want to most have a drink with' 'person you want in your golf group' or 'who you invite to your dinner party.' First answer, always and forever. 

It's not even shocking this is his answer. Look at our past with Raft: 

You know he makes a mean cocktail too. He probably has a full bar set and I could see him just walking on over to where you're sitting with a nice stiff drink. You know you're in for a hell of a night of storytelling the moment he sits down too. Everything from coaching at Seton Hall to calling specific games. I legit would just want to sit there and listen to him talk for 8 hours minimum. I need to know what a drunk Raft is like. 

I'm pretty sure Raft is one of like the 5-10 people in the world with a 100% approval rating. No one dislikes Raft. Everyone who watches college hoops quotes 'man to man' or 'a little lingerie on the deck' and of course 'send it in Jerome.' The moment you see you have Raft on the call for your team you get a little smile. You know you're in for a good 2 hours of listening whenever he's there. 

Now give me a drink with Raft and let the man talk. In the mean time, enjoy the next minute and a half: