Jack Harlow's 'WHATS POPPIN' Remix Is A Certified BANGER!

HEAT CHECK! Jack Harlow did it again! I wrote about Jack back in February when his first hit 'WHATS POPPIN' started to climb to the top of the charts. Jack's been one of my favorite artists since the end of 2018 and he's only getting bigger and better! 'WHATS POPPIN' went platinum this week, so it's only right Jack dropped a remix with Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez. After listening to this about 10 times, I have to say...IT'S A BANGER! 

All 4 of these guys snapped on their verses. Jack's opening verse instantly had my shoulders moving side to side! "I keep it thorough, I got 5 chicks in New York that means one in each borough". DaBaby's tempo was made for this beat, Tory Lanez snapped without taking a breath, and the GOAT Lil Wayne was the icing on the cake. Just a great combination to remix the hottest hip hop record of the year. 

I may be biased because I've built a relationship with Jack and his team for some time now, but I believe Jack had the best verse on here. Wayne's presence was glorious on this beat, but there's something about Jack's lyrics that put him one step above everyone else. Like I said earlier, Jack has a ton of great music that anyone can add to their playlist. Check out more of his records and fire freestyles below!