Get To Know Jack Harlow, The Most Poppin Artist In The Rap Game

I've been talking about this guy for a year now and it feels like the perfect time to blog this. On Wednesday night, one of the best new rappers, Jack Harlow, performed his first televised performance on Jimmy Fallon. From starting off with the piano interlude, to not missing a single beat, to ending it off with a tribute to his hometown, Jack reached maybe his biggest milestone yet. I know that I just described his performance and know what you're thinking, "Who's Jack Harlow?"

Jack is a kid from Louisville that's been rapping since he was in junior high. Jack's first viral song DARK KNIGHT trended all over YouTube in 2017. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of him at the time. A year later, his next viral song SUNDOWN would be the one that put me on. In November of 2018, I was on my way to shoot The Monon Bell game. During the drive, my videographer (also named Jack) was in charge of the aux cord. He played SUNDOWN and after hearing it, I was hooked. I went back to listen to all of his tapes and became a fan. Almost 2 months later, I ran into him at LGA! 

Jack was built to be a star. There are 3 things about him that make him way better than most of these new rappers.

1. The Appearance. 

Off the top of my head, the only white rappers I can think of are Eminem, G-Eazy, Wayne Jetski, and Macklemore. White rappers get made fun of a lot, but he is not one of those guys from high school in the twitter replies asking to click on their Soundcloud link. He's got the fits, the curls for the girls, and he makes you wish you had just an ounce of his swag.

2. The Voice. 

It's incredibly unique. These days, almost every rapper mumbles their asses off and talk about doing drugs and smashing a chick from the back. I've never done either of those things so those can get a little old for me, quick. Jack doesn't mumble shit. He's got a southern accent that's as smooth as a butter burger bun from Culver's. His personality is even better. He's intelligent, self-aware, and quite hilarious. 

3. The Music. 

Kids these days would say his "shit slaps" and it's "different". And they aren't wrong! His songs are groovy, inspiring, and authentic. He crushes his melodies and his delivery is straight up fire. He can rap fast, he can slow it down, and can bring any party to life. Whether it's about his time growing up in the 502 or talking about his lust for women, his songs are all hits. Jack's proven he can do it all, and he's only 21. 

I've gotten some people in the office hooked onto Harlow. Jetskii, Vibbs, Brandon Newman (also from Louisville), and the Wonton Don have been bumping his shit! If you haven't heard any of Jack's songs, I'd highly recommend throwing WHATS POPPIN, THRU THE NIGHT, and SUNDOWN on your playlist. If you ever meet Jack, tell him Mantis sent you!