Novaxx Djokovic's Delusional Father Blames His Son's Disaster COVID-19 Outbreak On Another Player


Novaxx Djocovid's father has an incredible ability of saying the worst possible thing at the worst time. This time he's blaming his son's coronavirus disaster on another player [Grigor Dimitrov] despite it laughably being Novak's fault. He claims Grigor brought the virus over from America and gave it to everyone. What a fucking delusional human being. Maybe don't raise your son to become a pseudoscience nut job who doesn't believe in vaccination? The problem actually starts with you. 

Hey dipshit, your son was the asshole who organized the event. He was the one who said there no risk in Serbia of getting the virus. He was the one who invited all these players to come and hang out with him for several weeks. He's the one who played basketball with everyone in his home town. He's the one who welcomed everyone to the club. Hey man if there's a global pandemic happening and you literally ignore every single precaution and host the event yourself, that's on you pal. 

Here's what Dimitrov's manager had to say in response. 

Yeah pretty much sums it up. Sure it's on all the players themselves for accepting the invite and coming to Serbia in the first place, but you absolutely can't pin this whole shit show on one of them. It's on the dude who created the invent with no safety rules whatsoever. 

Also no way him hanging out with Jokic in Serbia had anything to do with getting everyone sick. Nope, just a total coincidence that they both got COVID-19 a week later. We blaming this on Dimitrov too?

Krygios has been all over this clown

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 1.49.52 PM.png

And yes, I already hated Novak's dad because he's a gigantic Federer hater. Fuck. This. Guy.