Wake Up With The Greatest 17 Seconds Ever

This moment will literally never get old. It's been 7 years and I've seen it probably 1000 times and every single one of them has given me goosebumps. All things considered, I think it is my singular favorite moment as a hockey fan. It was my first Barstool event. Hadn't even stopped celebrating tying goal before the second went it. The bar was absolutely up for grabs. Any Stanley Cup is great, but beating the Bruins was especially sweet. I went to Prep school in Massachusetts so most of my buddies are Bruins fans. Most of Barstool, at the time, were Bruins fans. All time great moment and one that allows me to talk shit in real life and on the internet for the rest of time. 

We have Dave Bolland joining the podcast tomorrow to talk about that moment, those Hawks teams, and how much he still hates the Canucks. Download now, listen tomorrow