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What Does YOUR Movie Look Like (Vol. 3)

Kind of like the last time I made one of these, I'm very curious to see what results you guys get. For me, I accidentally fucked myself over and am stuck with an M. Night directed Sci Fi movie starring Nic Cage and Noah Centineo. I'm not even sure what this would look like, but let me give it a shot. 



The year is 2134 and Benjamin Poe (Cage) is a divorced dad who is addicted to creaming cyborg women. One morning, he realizes his cock and balls have been infected with a virus a la the robotic worm thing from 'The Matrix'. So he has to go to all the bots he has loved before and tell them that they may have contracted rabs (robo crabs). Along the way, he finds out that he actually fathered a cyborg son with one of his former lovers. His name is Kunt (Centineo) and everyone hates him. He decides to bring his cyborg bastard with him for some father-son bonding while he talks to all his former lovers. The M. Night twist at the end? It's all just a simulation that Nic Cage is watching through a VR headset at a PC Richards in the year 2020. He takes off the headset and says 'That'll be just fine' to the store employee for some reason. 

As always, though, I'm more interested to see some of your guy's results. If you're feeling creative, fill out the form below. I'll pick out the best results punch up their scripts as well as giving them a "professional" title and poster.