Chinese and Indian Soldiers Are Back At It Again As Border Control Fueds Escalate To Fisticuffs

Back at it again but this time with a video I could blog. Last week, people were tagging the ZBT squad and asking us our opinion on what is happening with China and India. Thoughtfully, I said I had no fucking idea. I watched a couple of vidz and these fellas were going straight fisticuffs.

I joked about it on the opening of an episode and said that I loved hand to hand making a comeback. In modern warfare you can reach out and touch someone with a warhead from thousands of miles away. Seems unfair and impersonal.

I joked that hand to hand should make a comeback in a big way. Kate was uncomfortable. APPARENTLY, she broke the honor code of Zbt and researched the topic and found out that many bodies were mutilated and this truly horrific situation is escalating. FURTHERMORE, there’s a “no weapons” zone so the soldiers have started making bamboo sticks with nails and shit in them like they are going to start backyard wrestling with ECW super star Raven.

Offensive and ill-advises.

Anyway, these dudes in China and India need to get their shit together. Look how cold that place seems. Y’all wanna be fighting and shit in that kind of weather? Not me. One punch to the ear and you’re in a world of hurt no matter how thicc the beaver hat you’re wearing is. That’s not me talkin from experience. It’s a stone cold fact for when it’s stone cold and that’s a fact and as a matter of fact, that’s the bottom line. Because when your enemy comes rushing across the demilitarized zone WHAT?! you have no choice WHAT?! But to pick up whatever sumabitch stick WHAT? is laying on the ground WHAT fill that bastard with nails and other objects WHAT?! and mollywhop those jackasses until the sun stops shinning on a rooster’s ass. GLASS BREAK!

Well I guess you have a choice. You could use your words and compromise but that’s not a very clickable blog now is it?