After Players & Staff Went Clubbing, Orlando Pride Pull Out Of NWSL Cup Due To COVID-19 Outbreak

The bonehead story of the sporting world during the COVID-19 outbreak centered around Novak Djokovic, however, the Orlando Pride aren't too far behind. 

Yesterday, the Orlando Pride pulled out of the NWSL's restart of its 2020 season. Starting this weekend in Utah, the NWSL will hold a challenge cup. The Pride's decision to not send their team was due to 6 players and 4 staff members testing positive.

The story behind it is, to put it lightly, not great! 

It is not proven that the outbreak was due to the clubbing of the players on Pride, but it sure looks like that was a factor. 

The Pride have multiple players on their team that you probably know. 

-Alex Morgan (I do not think she would have been playing in the restart, she just had a kid in May)

-Sydney Leroux

-Morgan Reed


-Ashlyn Harris

-Ali Krieger

The names of the players who went clubbing have not been released, but are reportedly younger players on the team. At some point, I bet they will be released. Should they be shamed as much as say a Novak Djokovic? No, the context isn't close to the same, but we've had countless players in leagues across the world blasted on social media for not following social distancing guidelines. That being said, these players didn't break any laws, but just the rules assigned to them by the league/team. 


Young people want to party. Young people, especially athletes, feel invincible when it comes to this disease. Unfortunately, we have seen countless examples of the ramifications of those feelings. 

Stay safe out there, folks. We aren't through this pandemic yet. 

P.s. God bless the players that went out clubbing once they return to practice. The veteran players may go full MJ and bully the shit out of them for years to come.