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Trevor Bauer vs. Aubrey Huff Was Pure Entertainment On Twitter Last Night

What happens when noted crazy person/all-time piece of shit Aubrey Huff goes to war with pissed off analytic nerd Trevor Bauer on Twitter? Fireworks baby. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and watch two guys go at each other's throats for a night. 

"Suck my dick. You're a cuck. You have low T." What a line. Pertains absolutely zero to the argument but it was laugh out loud funny coming from Aubrey Huff. 

Also attention is all you crave? Hmmm

"You jerk off to analytic spin rate geek fans like Keith Law." Incredible, but Bauer actually despises Keith Law, as does most of baseball. He body bagged Law last year. A blog that Keith Law blocked me for.  

Back to Bauer-Huff….

Sugar tits will never not be funny. Drop a sugar tits and I'll laugh every time. Carl blogged all about sugar tits just now, read here. I hate Aubrey Huff so much, but that was good. 

Interesting move by Huff to brag about a World Series ring where he had one total at bat the entire series and hit .111 the entire postseason. He earned that 2nd ring just about as much as the bat boy did. 

Huff tried his best here, but I'm giving the W to Bauer. Huff also used way too many @s and unironic hashtags, but let's do it again soon though! Huff vs. Bauer at Rough N Rowdy, who says no?