Governor JB Pritzker: Outdoor Venues Can Operate At 20% Capacity, Mayor Lightfoot: NOPE!!!

At least not yet. Here's the latest, which is good news for the most part IMO:

***WHIPS OUT CALCULATOR*** ***CALCULATES 20% of 40,000*** ***GETS 8,000*** 

8,000 fans at the G Spot!!! HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE WHAT UP!!! HA!!!!! All you cocksuckers that have been up my asshole about the White Sox attendance issues can fuck yourselves. If the Sox get to let 8,000 of the most ravenous fans in baseball into the G spot at any point this summer, the rest of the league is FUCKED. That is assuming that come mid/end July Mayor Lightfoot lets the Sox and Cubs have fans enter the gates. Sounds like that's possible:

Now we can't QUITE have fans at stadiums, but we are trending in a direction to being able to soon enough, and by soon enough, I mean once baseball's "regular season" arrives. The amount of beer I'd consume at that stadium would be biblical. I'm STARVED for it. 

NEVERTHELESS… sounds like we have another non-update on what's going on as far as 2020 CBA negotiations: 


Players are due to vote on the latest proposal this afternoon, and we already know what that vote will be. They're not taking a deal, not with all of the additions the owners put into their last offer at least. And when I say additions I mean jersey patches where owners would get 100% of the revenue, expanded playoffs without the players getting a larger slice of the revenue, etc. That's not just gonna happen. The extra 10 games they players would get this season isn't worth giving up that bargaining power heading into a new CBA negotiation after the 2021 season. That, and they're not going to give up their right to file a grievance, even if they don't end up winning one down the road. Just ain't happening and as much as I want baseball, I am still fully on the players side here.

Now it's not exactly a good look coming off the players "tell us when where" campaign from last week, but at the same time I get it. The owners are pinching pennies at this point and it's gross. If they would have just agreed to 65 fucking games last week, we'd be balls deep in spring training 2.0 already and baseball would be back around the 15th or 20th of next month. But nope. It's being draaaaggggeeeed out and eventually Manfred is going to be forced to set a ~55 game schedule or so because they'll be past the point of no return.

Pretty fucked up. But don't look for there to be a deal at this point. Just don't see it happening.