After Reading This Wild Story Of UK Fans Kidnapping Smokey, We Need To Bring Back The Tradition Of Stealing Your Rivals Mascot

So I read this story about Kentucky fans kidnapping Smokey and making Tennessee fans nervous. I was hooked. It's actually a great read, so give it one if you can. But it got me thinking about how this needs to come back. I know Army/Navy have a thing - if not just ask Capt. Cons about it. But kidnapping a mascot - note, I'm not talking anything more than kidnapping it and making sure the dogs are safe - is a ritual that needs to come back. 


Because pulling this off is damn impressive. If you can steal a goddamn dog from someone and create an entire university to freak out, you instantly become the best person on the rival campus. Imagine being these guys and hitting up Two Keys after everyone knows you stole Smokey? You'd have drinks bought for you and people throwing themselves at you to go home with them. 

This story of Kentucky fans stealing Smokey is wild too. Like look at the lengths they went to protect where they were hiding him

Another group of Tennessee students drove up to Lexington and got a tip that Smokey was being held inside the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on campus, where Brogan was member, just as he had been in his days at Tennessee. As they approached, they heard loud barking noises and assumed they were close. But when they arrived, they were greeted by a hoard of fraternity brothers who had been making barking noises to mock the lurking detectives outside.

Once they arrived at the door, the barking stopped and the uproarious laughter began.

Not only that, but Tennessee fans held Kentucky students captive to try and get Smokey back! We're talking kidnapping in exchange for dognapping. The 50s were apparently wild with this shit

Only two cars of Kentucky students were ever found, and fraternity brothers from Phi Sigma Kappa held four passengers captive from one of the vehicles. They offered to exchange the four captives for Smokey. Delta Tau Delta at UK had no interest in a trade.

Smart by the Delts to not accept that trade. Unless it's four of your brothers, not worth it. I can't get enough of this story though. Again, let me stress, this is just kidnapping the mascots. Keep them safe but make your rival sweat. That's the sweet spot. Need to bring it back.