How The FUCK Are The 2008 Steelers Not A Top 10 Team Of This Century?

I hate this kind of shit. These lists and rankings just made to piss people off, but I can't bite my tongue on this one. 

Top-10 teams of this century and not ONE Steelers representative on there? Insane. 

How the fuck are the 2019 49ers, who didn't even win the Super Bowl, going to make it on this list ahead of the 2008 Steelers? How does that make one lick of sense. 

Here's an idea: it doesn't. 

I get not having the 2005 Steelers on there. Magical run, a super young Big Ben who didn't play well at all in the Super Bowl, but 2008? It was an even better defense and an even better Big Ben. 

That 2008 Steelers defense would have planted Jimmy G. Yes the 2000 Ravens defense is an all-timer, too, but you don't think Big Ben and company could have outscored Trent fucking Dilfer to win 13-10? Same thing with the 2002 Bucs and Brad Johnson. Give me a break. 

There you go, Bleacher Report. You accomplished what you were going after, but put some more respect on those Steelers teams.