The Artist Formerly Known as the Belk Bowl Is Now the Duke's Mayonnaise Bowl

Having lost all semblance of time over the course of however long I've been at my parents' house in Nashville, I had to honestly stop and think to myself if today was April Fool's Day when I saw the artist formerly known as the Belk Bowl is now the Duke's Mayonnaise Bowl. For all the ridiculous bowl names and sponsorships we have across college football, mayo just sticks out for some reason.

First of all, it's a repulsive condiment. I don't trust anyone who likes mayo. My dad puts mayo on Chick-fil-A sandwiches and I'm pretty sure that constitutes an automatic refusal into Heaven.

Secondly, the now Duke's Mayonnaise Bowl is actually a pretty good bowl game — last season's matchup featured 8-4 Virginia Tech and 7-5 Kentucky. Can you imagine a calendar year of blood, sweat and tears going into a season which plays out pretty well and then all your hard work is rewarded with Duke's Mayonnaise merch? They better be giving out TVs and PlayStation 5s in that gift suite.

The best part is not even the bowl game, it's the early season neutral site game the bowl also hosts, now known as the Duke's Mayo Classic. This year, it's Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have to take the field in a game named for mayonnaise.

This will make for fantastic social media content, though. The Belk Bowl had the best Twitter account in the game, so I'm hoping the Duke's Mayonnaise Bowl doesn't lose that tradition.

Remember when an Arkansas player got caught stealing from Belk during the Razorbacks' shopping trip to Belk — when each player had a $450 gift card — at their appearance in the bowl game? Imagine the stories the Duke's Mayonnaise Bowl is going to produce.