Wake Up With Paul McCartney Doing ‘Live & Let Die’ Live from Fenway

Paul McCartney turns 78 today. Seventy-fricking-eight.

I’m not the biggest concert-going guy, but I was at this one, in July of 2016. The Beatles are godlike figures in the high school my boys went to. And No. 2 son is a musician. So I figured if he’s going to go to his first live show, seeing a guy in his 70s who’s been knighted by the Queen is as good a Gateway Concert as any. I chose wisely.

McCartney’s bandmates were razors. He played every instrument. He did Lennon and Harrison songs almost as well as the originals. And did three solid hours without a break. So this I guess is what being a senior citizen looks and sounds like now.

Anyway it was a great show. And this has me wondering if we’ll ever have big concerts again or will we just be watching YouTubes of old ones for eternity. 2020 blows.