The Most Correct TV Take Ever: On Parks And Rec It Is Champion >>>>>>>> Lil Sebastian

So before we recorded No Quitters last night (rate/review/subscribe) we had about 25 minutes to kill and I just tossed on Parks and Rec. Something easy on the background as I got my notes together to ramble with the alliance about how much Josh sucks and how Corey used the dad card as best as he could. But that's not the point. This is about Parks and Rec and the animal in that show deserving more credit. 

Champion kicks Lil Sebastian's ass. It's not even close. Give me the adorable 3-legged dog over the mini horse.It's a little Ben Wyatt-esque, but it's correct

To be more clear, the episode that was on was Ben and Leslie's surprise wedding in the office. You know who was sitting at the end of the aisle like a good boy? It wasn't Lil Sebastian. It was Champion. Just there to make everyone happy without being a media whore like that little horse. Hell I'm not the first person at Barstool to have a Lil Sebastian opinion like this: 

Oh and you want to say Andy had a song for Lil Sebaastian so he must be some awesome mini horse? Did you forget Andy also had a song for Champion? Did you forget that Champion saved Chris' life? SAVED. HIS. LIFE. 

So if you want a mini-horse, fine. Go ahead. More 3-legged dogs for me to pet and be best friends with. It's not even that I hate Lil Sebastian, it's just that Champion is better. He's the one that should be getting the love. He should be on the shirts. We don't need Parks and Rec singing a song about a mini horse who probably hated Pawnee. No, we should be talking about a dog that loves Pawnee and the people of Pawnee, even if he sucks at digging.