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Remember The 'World's Hottest Soccer Agent' Who Just Bought Her Own Soccer Club? Well, She Just Made Her First Hire - Her Model Daughter

You may remember seeing 'the world's hottest soccer agent' before. I've been blogging about how Anamaria Prodan bought herself a Romanian soccer club. I still stand by the fact that Anamaria Prodan is a guaranteed hot name. You can't be ugly with that name, that's just a fact. 

That's probably why she was named the world's hottest soccer agent. You can't get that nickname if she was just Anna Prodan. She's also married to a soccer player, so she gets the game. But now she has to turn this Romanian team around and she can't go hire Lou Brown. So she did the next best thing (h/t The Sun)

THIS is the stunning Dolce & Gabbana model who has joined the board of Romanian side FC Hermannstadt. In doing so, 21-year-old Rebecca Dumitrescu Prodan is the youngest member of the club's exec.

She will reportedly have effective control of the club after her football agent mum and former Playboy star Anamaria Prodan Reghecampf bought them. 

Because Anamaria is a football agent - who represented former Chelsea ace Adrian Mutu - there is a reported conflict of interest with her as an owner. So she has instead left her daughter Rebecca in charge.

She just changed the game! She's outsmarting every single soccer owner (in this Romanian league). Oh, there's a conflict of interest with me being an agent? Okay, fine. Let me just go ahead and hire my daughter quick. 

Combine that with her mom owning the club? First it's Romania then it's Champions League