The NBA's Ultimate Trump Card To Get Players And Their Families Into The Disney Bubble Is Offering To Show Unreleased Disney Movies Like Black Widow

Just when it looked like the NBA's plan to restart had a chance to flop like Manu Ginobili, Adam Silver throws on the Infinity Gauntlet and uses one of The Mouse's Infinity Stones by throwing unreleased movies on the negotiating table for the players and their families. 

There is something inherently awesome about seeing a blockbuster movie before everybody under the sun. It don't matter if you three feet or eight-one. Knowing what happens in a movie that millions of people are waiting to see instantly gives you that air of superiority that even being the top 0.000001% of athletes on the planet can't touch and while having a bank account with two commas in it makes you feel powerful (at least it does when I become rich in GTA), I can attest that after seeing Endgame before most of the world made me feel like a living cheat code in this spoiler culture world we live in.

In case making every NBA player with kids know they have to go into the bubble or risk becoming the mean parent that robbed their kids of being movies #insiders wasn't enough of a win for Adam Silver, I'm pretty sure this news is going to be what causes Kevin Durant to come back for the playoffs.

Your move, Kyrie.

P.S. I am officially banning every NBA team from signing J.R. Smith after hearing this news because Earl Smith is the most obvious number 1 pick ever in the "Which basketball player would pull a Shady McCoy and spoil movies for the rest of the non-bubble world"?