Kendrick Perkins: 'If You Take Kyrie Irving's Brain Right Now and Put It in a Bird ... It's Gonna Fly Backwards.'

Kyrie Irving has been saying a lot of weird stuff recently after the NBA announced its plan to return to play at Disney World in a little over a month. It seems like pretty much everyone is on board except Irving, which is a bit of a problem considering he was somehow elected as vice president of the NBPA — that needs to be rectified whenever that vote comes up.

But this morning, Kendrick Perkins laid into Irving with one of my favorite insults I've ever heard. "If you take Kyrie Irving's brain right now and put it in a bird, guess what that bird is gonna do? It's gonna fly backwards," Perkins said. "Because right now, Kyrie is confused; he's showing his lack of leadership."

Saying a bird would fly backwards if implanted with a person's brain is something I have never heard before, but I absolutely love it. It's so simple, yet so sharp.

And as Perkins also points out, Irving has been on every call the players have had with the league for three months discussing these plans and only now has a problem with it?

But I don't know why anyone is confused that the NBA is being held hostage by a guy who maintained for years that we all needed to question authority on the roundness of the Earth, only for the ridicule to get so great that he insisted he was just kidding. Kyrie is a bumbling idiot who somehow stumbled his way into the vice presidency of the players' union, and now the players are paying for that mistake.

I just hope it doesn't cost them or us the rest of this season.