Pam Anderson's Ex-Boyfriend Claimed They Fucked 12 Times A Night, People In France Claim That's Why He Started Sucking At Soccer

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[Source] - Striker Kokorin, 29, made his revelations in a YouTube chat with Ukrainian footballer Oleksandr Aliyev. He detailed: "Rami told us a lot of interesting things about Pamela Anderson. 

"Of course, everybody was interested in what their relationship was like in bed. Rami said that Pamela was the best woman he'd had in his life. He said that he and Pamela used to have sex 12 times a night."

One French source remarked: "Maybe this explains his drop in form for Marseille at the time."

Twelve times?!? Who has the time for 12 times?!? Who has that sort of stamina? I don't care if you're a professional soccer player and in the best shape of your life. This isn't even Baywatch Pamela Anderson, maybe and only maybe at that point could I understand 12 times a night. That's just too much work. 

That said, it's been a hell of a run for Adil Rami here: 

But yeah, of course he's going to start sucking at soccer if he's fucking 12 times a night. You're not going to have any energy after that. Shit, you can hardly walk let alone run at a world class level. And let's be honest, no one and I mean no one wants to have sex 12 times in one night. That sounds miserable. That sounds like actual hard work and sex shouldn't be actual hard work. 

What a call out too by the French source. Rami was on the French team that won the World Cup. He retired right after that, going out on top. He was playing for Marseille after stints with Milan, Valencia and Sevilla. He was having sex with Pam Anderson and this guy was like 'yeah well that's why he sucks now.' 

That said, for anyone in the 33-37ish range, this is a dream. Pam in Baywatch and Playboy was legendary. Downloading her and Tommy Lee on Limewire or Kazaa? Iconic. 

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