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Hard Factor Radio 6/16: Top Stories & Listener Debate

Hard Factor Radio returns with a fresh slate of top stories from around the world and another great listener debate.  Listen to the full episode on Sirius On-demand by searching Hard Factor.  

First up, today's top stories: 

Vladdy Daddy Locks Up American "Spy" For 16 Years -- This unlucky bastard, Paul Whelan, might be a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Back in 2018, Whelan was arrested in Moscow on suspicion of espionage after receiving a flash drive with "state secrets" on it.  Whelan was in Moscow for a wedding at the time of his arrest and would regularly make trips to Russia to visit friends.  Whelan maintains that he is innocent and was set up, and can be seen holding a sign in court yesterday with the words "Sham trial," "No human rights," and "Paul's life matters" written on it.  He believes he is being used as a political pawn by Russia to have two prisoners being held by the US released.  

New PlayStation System Revealed -- PlayStation revealed its' new system this week, The PlayStation 5, and the guys were pretty amped up on the new features and abilities.  

The shit-talking quickly turned into name-calling when Mark went after the cheeto'd finger, Mountain Dew pissing, trashy kids that play Xbox, all while boasting about unmatched ability in a decade-old game on an even older console.  

Ted Cruz is about to get his ass whooped by Hell Boy -- Perlman took to Twitter to defend US Soccer and their decision to allow players to kneel by coming at President Trump, who said he wouldn't watch, and Rep. Matt Gaetz who said he would draft legislation to force the USSF to retract the decision.   A few back and forths later and Senator Cruz stepped in challenging Perlman to a fight against somebody who is NOT Ted Cruz. 

ron burgundy GIF Giphy Images.

Next up, Listener Debate #3.

We had two listeners face-off in a three-round debate on policy and social issues.  We were joined by Jake in DC and Cole in Philly. 

Topic #1: If you were the Drug Tzar in charge of leading the war on drugs in America, how would you change things? 

Topic #2: was whether you'd rather live in the CHAZ or on Elon's Mars-utopia? 

Topic #3 (Surprise Topic): What's the better sports town, Philly, or DC? 

If you want to get into the debates and possilby face a Barstool personality in the end, simply DM Hard Factor News on Twitter or The Hardo Hive.  

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